Tyrannical “Health Standards” Of The New World Order — 3 Comments

  1. afraid you are right. They tried to kill of many of us with the flu viaccne for the last few years. It didn’t work so now we will all get the deadly flu viaccne in our food.

    • @Peri: What Big Pharma is putting into our food and water is criminal. If the average person understood the poison they are ingesting, I believe these criminals would be brought to justice. Problem is, most people do not have a clue.

  2. The government aggressively attacks raw milk farmers and food cooperatives who sell fresh milk to a few hundred people, claiming raw milk is extremely dangerous to the public, yet that same government does absolutely nothing to protect the public from MSG (obesity), aspartame (seizures and blindness), high fructose corn syrup (diabetes), sodium nitrite (cancer) and artificial food colors (behavioral disorders) that impact virtually the entire population! (At least a million times as many people eat MSG than drink raw dairy…) – Mike Adams