Do you enjoy going on camping vacations? If you are a camping enthusiast then you are clearly the type of individual who loves nature and the outdoors and finds pleasure in escaping the daily pressures of urban or suburban life. Since the idea is to get out of the rat race for a little while, the last thing you need is the inconvenience of something going terribly wrong during your camping trip. That’s why it is worth making a tent camping checklist to help you remember all of those items you might need.

Advice And Suggestions

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to include on your camping supplies checklist. After all, there is only so much room available so you must decide what is essential and what is not. You may find it helpful to look online for tent camping checklists that other people have compiled. This may prompt you to remember some important items that you might otherwise have forgotten to bring. Then there are non-essential items that other people choose to bring but you might find unnecessary. For example, some women would be lost without their makeup kit while others would be happy with some face soap and a moisturizer.

The Essentials

There are definitely certain items that should be on every tent camping checklist. These items include food, cooking utensils, adequate clothing, a first aid kit, personal hygiene items and camping gear such as sleeping bags, propane, toilet paper, clean underwear, a cooler box, a sharp knife, a lantern and a cooking stove. If you forget certain essential items it can stop you from being able to perform certain necessities like open cans, cook your food, stay warm, treat a cut, or remain physically clean.

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If forgetting something means you cannot manage to do something that is basic yet very important it can easily ruin your vacation. At the very least you will have to find a store and waste money buying an item you forgot to bring with you. It is therefore important to be as thorough as possible when writing your tent camping checklist. Ideally you should adopt the philosophy of a boy scout and make sure that you are prepared for every possible occurrence.

Non Essential Items

You may wish to include some non essential items on your tent camping checklist. These are the type of items that are important to you though other people could easily do without them. Your trip is not ruined if you forget to bring the non essentials but remembering them makes things better for you. Such items might include books, perfume, make up, an MP3 player, a hand held gaming console, a chess set or even a teddy bear. It is entirely up to you which non essential things you include on your tent camping checklist. Just don’t spend so much time considering the unnecessary extras that you forget to bring something that really is important. In the end a can opener is much more important than music or hairspray.

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