Energy Drinks

Energy is the fuel that the body consumes in order to do our daily tasks and activities. In order to replenish used power, we resort to eating energy-giving foods like those which are rich in carbohydrates. Usually, eating three full meals a day would provide us enough energy to last for the whole day. However, there are some instances when we may need extra power more than what a usual day would require due to overtime work, extra home works or other pressing activities.

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As we may know, energy drinks are nonalcoholic beverages that boost up your energy with different ingredients. Health benefits have been stated in many energy drinks reviews, but the side effects are rarely disclosed in these processes. Now, here are the general facts about energy drinks in order for you to have more knowledge on it.

Fact #1. The ingredients.
The contents and ingredients that energy drinks generally have are ginkgo biloba, caffeine, vitamin B, guarana, carbonated water, maltodextrin, ginseng, taurine, creatine, etc. Other brands of energy drinks contain sugar and artificial sweeteners just to enhance its taste. These ingredients have a great impact in the physical activities of the body. Like for an example, caffeine is a brain stimulator while taurine functions for the muscle contraction and heart rate of the individual.

Fact#2. Effects to the body.
When one consumes energy drinks, the ingredients especially the caffeine content in their body tends to oppose the effects of the adenosine, which accelerates the neuron activities in the nervous system. As a normal body’s response, the pituitary gland would now release the adrenaline. This would stimulate the heart rate as well as prompt the liver to release more blood sugar which is considered to be the main element to increase the level of energy of the person.

Fact#3. Health Concerns.
Various health dangers, due to the consumption of these energy drinks, have been a debate for how many years now. Side effects of different ingredients in these energy drinks are what many health experts have discussed. Over and over again, studies have confirmed that caffeine is dangerous for one’s health. Excessive caffeine intake could result in many health issues, including high blood pressure, insomnia, and headache. Also, one of the lesser known but important facts about energy drinks is that these tend to dehydrate the body rather than hydrating them. Although manufacturers like to say that energy drinks are essential in boosting the endurance and performance of the person consuming it, health experts, on the other hand, do not necessarily agree because they see it as an disruption of the normal body functions.

So, these are just the general facts about energy drinks. The pros and cons these beverages has must not be ignored by the people especially those who are consuming these. This is to prevent unnecessary adverse reactions to one’s health, and maintain healthy physical well-being.

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Almost everybody drinks energy drinks nowadays. It is drunk by nearly everyone, from college students crammed with their studies, athletes wishing to increase their performance, and office workers chasing deadlines. Kids have even begun to drink it like soda, unaware of the dangers it poses to their health.

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Taurine in energy drinks seems to be a very common ingredient these days. A lot of claims have been made with regards to the health benefits provided by taurine in energy drinks that it has become such a common advertising propaganda. There is actually little to no relevant data on the benefits which this macronutrient is purported to offer and the public at large remains uninformed. The guide provided below will give pointers regarding the not-so-well known uses and supposed effects of taurine in energy drinks.

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There is no doubt that many people buy energy drinks today. Indeed, the customer base of these energy drinks manufacturers has exploded. Numerous brands such as Monster, Red Bull, Sobe, 5-Hour, Full Throttle, etc are now readily available. These energy drinks are like fruit juices, and some have essential nutrients, while others are just about the taste like soft drinks. The claim is that energy drinks are made for those consumers who wants to boost their stamina.

There are many reasons why a lot of people nowadays buy energy drinks: like truck drivers who go on overnight trips, college students who need a boost to get through the entire school day, and soldiers whose job is to be alert for long time watches.

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Energy drinks are just one of many popular ways to get a perk whenever you feel down. This common means for an energy boost during long and strenuous days are used by adults and teens alike with the idea that it is quite safe. But nowadays, energy drinks are treated as though they were a juice drink or soda. It has been common practice for kids to drink it on a daily basis thinking it’ll help them perform better at school or in sports. However, what they don’t know is that energy drinks consumed on a daily basis could prove to be very dangerous for health. Below are just a number of facts which should convince you to stay clear of those energy drinks.

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