You’re heard it before… “it can’t happen here.”

Well folks, I believe it can happen here. In fact, I believe the Collapse of America has Already Begun.

A Possible Food Shortage Right Here in the USA.

FEMA is secretly stockpiling a lot of extra dehydrated food right now.

What about you and your family?

Will you be ready, just in case?

Food Shortages Loom For America

Food shortages have been at the root of the unrest in the middle east and spreading around the globe. The mainstream media tells you it has been about “democracy,” but that has been only part of the true story. At the core, the problem is grounded in the global financial crisis brought on by off-shore banks consolidating their wealth and power around the globe. These globalist banks understand in order to exert power over and to control the masses, they must control the food supply.

The voices of the alternative media have been warning us for a long time to get prepared. Their message is not popular in the mainstream media. Instead, they tell us the government will take care of us and we need to relinquish more power to government agencies.

If you are to survive the coming onslaught of the police state, hyperinflation, and food shortages… you’ve got to take responsibility now for you and your family.

There is much you can do today. I have been building up my food storage supply with dehydrated food from This gourmet quality food has a shelf life up to 25 years and is an ideal way to have food for my family in case the worst happens.


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