survival knife

When it comes to survivalist gear, you don’t want to forget to include a knife in your kit. A survival knife can serve many important purposes. First, it can be used to help defend yourself or your loved ones. But it can also be used to help hunt in the event you need to for your food supply.

A survival knife is a must have for any survivalist because of all the jobs it can be used to do. Depending on the type of knife you get, you can use it to cut wood or slice through rope or even to clear brush out of your way.

Credit Card KnifeThere are a lot of different kinds of survival knives and the best way to select the right one for you will depend on the purpose you intend to use the knife for. There are three main types of knives to consider for survival gear: the fixed blade knife, the folding blade knife (which is often referred to as a pocket knife), and the multi-tool survival knife. Each knife has many benefits that make it a great knife to own.

The fixed blade knife is usually sturdier than the folding blade or the multi-tool knife but may not be as easy to carry and conceal as the other types. Most survivalists who choose to buy a fixed blade knife also buy a sheath that attaches to a belt to make it easier to carry.

The folding blade knife is concealed within the handle. While it’s easier to carry and conceal, it can’t be used for the same purpose that a fixed blade knife can especially if you’re looking for something for defense needs.

A folding knife has a shorter blade, which makes it less than ideal for defending yourself. It won’t be as strong as a fixed blade knife in a fight and if the spring mechanism fails to open, you could end up defenseless.

The multi-tool survival knife is a favorite among survivalists. This knife features other attachments that make it easy to use in a variety of circumstances. Tools that you might find on this knife include: scissors, pliers, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, a wire-stripper, and a can opener.

Some companies manufacture multi-tool knives that are geared toward a specific activity like hunting or golfing. The blade of your knife can be made with a variety of materials including stainless steel, ceramic, and carbon steel. Each material has advantages and disadvantages.

Ceramic blades are tough, but also fragile. They make good knives for basic tasks like cleaning a fish but they will break easily if dropped against a rock or other hard surface. For this reason, it’s suggested that you use your ceramic knife as a backup to a heavy duty knife made of steel.

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Solar Flare

There have been catastrophic events for many years in history. Record breaking hurricanes have occurred. Massive flooding. Wildfires. Mudslides. We hear about these events so much that it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we’ve faced all of the dangers we’re going to face from natural events.

We think we know all there is to know about dangerous events. But there is a danger that lurks, just waiting for the time when it will explode and wreak havoc on Earth – and it’s caused by the sun in the form of a solar flare.

You might think that a solar flare is no big deal. After all, the sun is so far away from Earth that a solar flare isn’t even on your radar of things to prepare for. It should be. A solar flare is magnetic energy that suddenly bursts free.

power gridIt can create electromagnetic events in the area where you live. The aftereffects of experiencing one can be devastating to your way of life if you’re not prepared. A solar flare has the ability to completely wipe out power grids, drop satellites from their orbit and disrupt all communication systems.

The threat from a solar flare is dangerous enough that the government is working on a way to handle one. When a solar flare makes a direct strike on Earth, you can expect that there will be more than minimal damage.

A potential solar flare strike could happen at any moment anywhere in the world without warning. There have already been close calls in the past with solar flares. In the event of a solar flare hit, the normal day to day functions would cease.

Anything that you rely on for electricity wouldn’t be able to work. There can be sustained blackouts. If your water supply is run through electricity, you would lose the ability to have water to drink in your home.

A solar flare can strike and cause fires to break out. It can cut off communication and cause widespread disruptions and create a panic for people who aren’t prepared. Those who aren’t prepared will be the most vulnerable.

What’s truly frightening is that the solar flares are unpredictable. The government will not be able to take the time to prepare in advance because there is little advance warning.

Everything that touches your life would be affected – how you travel, your access to long term food supplies, your ability to have your medical needs met, your security and more. You need to take steps today to ensure your safety and well being in the event of a solar flare. By being prepared, you can minimize the disruption you’ll face.

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There is a history of wars in every country. Only today, these wars are far more subtle but equally as deadly. These wars are being fought in the realm of terrorist attacks both near and far. As we’ve seen in recent months, ISIS is bringing its terror to America.

Attacks are happening left and right and ISIS is claiming responsibility for major bombings and suicide missions, and they promise more destruction in the future. They’re far more dangerous than most people realize and will use any means necessary to carry out their plans.

They’re even taking advantage of the many refugee crises and slip into countries by posing as refugees. Millions are pouring in to Europe and thousands are coming to our shores. From there, they regroup and then spread out, eating away at the safety and structure of a country like a cancer.

ISISSadly, too many people believe that the government is going to keep them safe from these terrorist attacks. But the latest bombings show that the government can’t have eyes and ears everywhere. Donald Trump has plans to stop the infiltration into America and Hillary Clinton wants to expand the infiltration.

That’s why it’s up to you to protect yourself and your family. You can begin by paying attention. When the threat level is higher than it normally is, you need to take steps to reduce your odds of becoming a potential victim.

Stay away from high profile target areas. This would be places like well publicized public arenas or airports that could be a target. If an area or place is popular and well known, it could be a target since the goal of ISIS is to kill as many people as possible per strike.

Set up an ISIS emergency plan and go over it with your family. Arrange a place where everyone will reconnect in the event of a strike. Go over all evacuation routes and how everyone will be able to travel to your emergency place.

Make sure everyone knows not to deviate from the plan. Know ahead of time who will be getting who if you have family members who need transportation or if you have children too young to travel by themselves.

Never get so comfortable in your surroundings that you don’t pay attention when something seems off. If your gut feeling tells you that something isn’t right about a place or a person, then listen to it.

Make sure that you have preparations ready to go in case you have to get out of an area in a hurry. In the event of an ISIS strike, an area can become devastated and the essentials may not be available.

You should have a survival bag ready to go for every member of your family. Time is of the essence in an emergency. Keep enough survival supplies ready to get you through 72 hours so that you’re prepared if you’re cut off from food and water.

In light of today’s news about ISIS, it’s not a matter of if they’ll attack but where and when. Your best defense is awareness and preparedness.

Obama and ISIS

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You can often avoid a self-defense situation completely if you make the effort to be aware in everyday situations. By following these steps, you can prevent a crime before it even happens.

First, make sure you’re watching what’s happening around you – not looking at your phone. You might be able to spot a potential criminal just by what they’re wearing and their behavior.

Stay away from people wearing clothes that do not match the current weather conditions, such as heavy coats on a hot day or other clothing where weapons can be concealed.

Then, you should be able to tell by what they’re doing. People who are wandering around aimlessly or monitoring certain places should be avoided. They might be on drugs or waiting to catch an innocent enough looking person who isn’t paying attention to their surroundings.

If someone is very suspicious, don’t hesitate to call your local police about a suspicious person – especially if they’re just waiting around in a parking garage. The police will appreciate you trying to keep the streets safe, even if the person turns out to be innocent.

Really, it can usually come down to common sense. If people look suspicious, stay away. If people are doing suspicious things, stay away. Look around for other suspicious people who may be working with one another. Take note of their genders, sizes (height and weight), skin tone, clothing and hair style, and other distinguishing features so that you can report it to police.

Sometimes, you can prevent even more dangerous criminals from succeeding. If you see someone suspicious leaving packages around a highly populated event, such as backpacks and boxes, call the police.

Given recent events, they could very well be leaving bombs or other dangerous materials. This could also be a drug trade. You should also be wary of people trying to access areas that they’re not supposed to.

This can mean utility closets, restricted areas, and rooftops. This is especially relevant if you work at a company or office, and someone you don’t know is trying to get into sensitive areas of the building. You should also be wary of unexpected delivery trucks.

Watch out for any unexplained smells or packages – especially ones near HVAC systems. Leaving these unreported can result in a lot of damage for the company. While it might not be an attack on the building, it can be a gas leak or other dangerous malfunction.

Another warning sign for these areas would be dead animals concentrated around one spot. This means someone suspicious has planted dangerous chemicals, and this should be reported to 911 immediately.

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If you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on in the world, it’s easy to see that there have been times of turmoil such as civil unrest, damaging floods, destructive hurricanes and tornadoes that level entire areas.

When situations happen that disrupt the day to day way of life, utilities can become damaged or in most cases nonexistent. When that happens, you have an emergency situation on your hands.

When there’s no access to water in a home, people always panic and rush to the stores to buy out whatever is on the shelves. Unscrupulous people will price gouge and sell a gallon of water for ten times what it normally costs.

If you’re prepared for a water emergency, you won’t have that fear and struggle to deal with. Of course, being prepared with a water source means that you have to have a way to put water in storage before you need it.

You should use something like WaterBrick Water Storage Containers to make sure that you have a solid supply of water for yourself and your family. There are plenty of types of water containers on the market but the reason that you want to get this kind is because they can hold a lot of water in just a little bit of space.

Each of the containers can hold 3.5 gallons so you end up with 28 gallons of water per WaterBrick. These are rectangular blocks that have the ability to interlock.

The shape of the containers allow you to stack them high and tight to get more water into a small space. Because of the interlocking ability, you won’t have to worry about stability even if you stack them high.

carryingwaterbrickThey have a handle that’s easy to hold onto so you can grab a container and move it if you have to. The material that the container is made of is BPA free. Since the containers are FDA approved, it means they’re safe for not only storing your water supply but for holding some of your food supply as well.

You can put dry goods in them and keep them ready to use for years. Because they’re made of good quality plastic, you won’t have to worry about ending up with a taste or odor leaching into your water supply.

When you buy this, you end up getting a total of 8 of the blue WaterBricks and they’re suitable for storing in the home, in a garage or even for taking on the go with you if you need to leave home.

Once you fill them with water, all you have to do is store the water in an area that’s cool and dark. You’ll want to aim for a temperature of around 70 degrees for optimal water storage.

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Obama and ISIS

As crazy as this may sound, it`s happening right now!

ISIS was just given the ‘go-ahead’ to deploy vicious troops of fanatics in major U.S. cities.

According to senior US intelligence officers, the most hellish weapon ever designed by mankind…

Is now in the hands of our worst enemies…

And it`s 1000x more powerful than anything you`ve seen before…

Watch inside info about coming attack

Pentagon officials fear this alarming turn of events could leave Americans powerless in defending themselves.

But survival specialists say:

“Not so fast! People CAN still take cover if they know about this in time”.


Obama and ISIS

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Solar power

Are you ready to finally set yourself free from the grid? Solar power energy can handle most, if not all, of the same electric wattage tasks that regular electric energy does. When you’re ready to take a shower or a soothing bath and want warm water to relax in, the power of solar energy is the source that can make sure your hot water tank is ready to give you the temperature you want with your water.

Are you sick and tired of dreading every single winter season because you know the heating bills are going to be astronomical? They don’t have to be if you’ll tap into the abundance of electricity available through solar panels.

Photo credit: spanginator / Foter / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: spanginator / Foter / CC BY-SA

Even if you don’t want to go completely solar, you can have a huge reduction in expenses and watch your savings grow to the point that you’ll have extra money to do some of the fun extras that families enjoy.

Take a vacation, buy the boat you’ve always wanted – by saving on energy costs, you free up a lot more of your money. You can set your home up yourself to start saving or you can hire an expert to get the job done for you. And even with the labor cost of installing the panels, this will still be a project (unlike some home projects) that will pay for itself.

By having and using solar energy, you won’t have to worry about being left in the dark again. If you live in a state that often has power blackouts, you can still be up and running.

You’ll be able to have lights (a dark home can cause safety issues for families) and you’ll be able to keep your food from spoiling. Generators use gas (which depletes the earth’s natural resources) and they’re loud – but not only that, they aren’t always ready to work the moment you need them to. You want usable power that’s ready when you need it to be – power you can depend on.

When you buy your solar panels, you can spend a little or you can spend a lot. The type of panel you buy will determine how much energy you can harvest from the sun. You’ll see labels like amorphous, monocrystalline and polycrystalline used in conjunction with solar panels. These are referring to the different kinds of silicone within the panel and the type you get does matter as far as energy production is concerned.

Solar panel energy comes from high efficiency panels and can be purchased in single or multiple panels. You’ll need a charger for the panels and you can either buy those separately or in a kit.

The energy can be stored and ready to provide power when you need it.

A Guide to Going Off the Grid
When things run smoothly, we enjoy a comfortable and convenient life. But if something happens to disrupt that grid, then what we depended on will come crashing down. When you depend on anything else but your own resources, you can’t count on it always being there for you. That’s why you always need to find a way to live off the grid.
Download the ebook,
A Guide to Going Off the Grid“.

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If you remember what happened with the financial crisis in Greece, then you know that economic collapse isn’t just a threat – it’s already begun. You wouldn’t necessarily believe that from reading the news.

But the mainstream news is not sharing with you the top secret insider information that the government knows. The truth is that trouble is already knocking on your door. Take a look around at what’s going on in the world.

Economic CollapseDebts in countries all over the world has skyrocketed. Not one single country is fiscally solvent and yet all of these countries keep going further into debt like there will never be any consequences. Most recently we saw the debt default in Puerto Rico.

But there will be a reckoning when economic collapse happens and when it does, it’s not going to be pretty. Once the economy goes belly up, you’re going to see lives thrown off balance and the upheaval is going to become a fight for survival and not everyone will survive because they’re not prepared.

When the economy fails, people are going to panic. Their normal life is going to suddenly, and without ample warning, become disrupted. When the collapse happens, people by the millions are going to rush to their banks in a desperate attempt to take out their money.

banking crisisBut the government, also desperate to keep the collapse from spreading, will limit or shut down completely the ability of people to withdraw their own money. Without being able to get their hands on money, people will grow even more panicked.

Crimes will rise as people steal, fight and even kill for a way to survive. Riots will become more common than not. Looting will take place in every single city and town. Property and people alike will be destroyed.

As society crumbles into a financial dystopian free-for-all landscape, in an effort to regain control, the government will start calling in the troops. Martial law will go into effect.

Your freedom to move about freely will be limited. You won’t be allowed to go where you want to go when you want to go there. You’ll have to be home by a certain time and your rights will no longer matter.

Under martial law, regular laws are suspended. You will do as the government says. That’s why you need to protect yourself from economic collapse right now. Make sure that all of your money isn’t tied up in the bank.

Have some cash that you can get to so that you can buy what you haven’t already set aside. And, in case the dollar becomes completely devalued, you should have some precious metals like silver or gold to use for barter. Keep your bug out bag ready to roll so that you can get out of an area the minute the trouble starts.

Have a place to go if needed that contains all of the survival supplies you need to hunker in place for awhile if you have to. That means you need to have your food, medicine and a way to communicate with others.

The power grid could eventually go down in an economic collapse and you don’t want to be without a way to communicate. Make sure you have a renewable water supply near. Have ways to defend yourself and your family from those who could take your supplies or your life.

SHTFIt’s not easy looking at how unprepared we really are for SHTF situations, but you have to face reality because it could happen to you. When you look at your reality and realize how unprepared you are, this can be the jolt that you need to get prepared.

The eBook, Are You Prepared for SHTF Situations? can guide you on what you need and what you should do, but you have to take action and put the steps into practice so that you won’t be caught unprepared.

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GoFoods Global

The government has a National Preparedness Month in which it strongly recommends that people be ready to face any potential crisis. They urge people to be prepared in the event of any weather related disasters or terror strikes.

Yet, half of all Americans don’t have a plan on how to react to a widespread emergency – much less have any supplies available to take care of their own needs.

How fast your family is able to recover will depend solely on how well you’ve planned for a potential disaster. Having a plan could mean the difference between having to fight to survive and being able to survive without the gut-wrenching anxiety that will come if you don’t have anything set aside to meet your needs.

You need to be prepared and always remember that when there’s a widespread crisis, it can take several months for the government to restore life as usual. By preparing now with a Long Term Pantry Supply of Freeze Dried Survival Food for Emergency Preparedness, you can make sure that you and your family are able to have food.

Having a food storage plan will enable you to make it through a short term or a long term crisis. With the long shelf life of the freeze dried food items, you’ll always be able to have something to eat on hand.

Some people think that freeze dried foods mean that you’ll have to give up on taste – but that’s not the case with this choice. The quality of the food always depends on the type of ingredients that go into it.

This supply relies on strong flavors, top notch ingredients and long term reliability to keep the food tasting great every time. Not only that, but the food items aren’t packed full of things like MSG or GMOs which aren’t good for your body.

You’ll get an array of healthy meals and with this supply that will help you survive a crisis. You’ll get a huge supply of things like chilies and soups and even sweet treats like great tasting muffins.

Each of the food items in the box is carefully packed in Mylar bags. These are bags made to keep out the oxygen that can spoil food so that the food retains its quality.

Make the move today to ensure that you and your family will have the food that you need to make it through any short or long term crisis with peace of mind.

An independent lab has found that Kashi’s ‘healthy’ GoLean Original breakfast cereal (owned by Kellogg’s) is loaded with the herbicide chemical glyphosate. What’s more, it actually contains 6x the amount of glyphosate previously found in Kellogg’s’ Froot Loops cereal.

Kashi GoLean

Photo credit: / Foter / CC BY-NC

The Kashi brand has been in trouble before. The company has faced multiple class action lawsuits when consumers accused Kellogg’s of misleading them with “natural” labels despite their cereals containing things like pyridoxine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate, and hexane-processed soy oil.

Now, is reporting that a box of Kashi Go Lean Original Cereal, which was not verified by the GMO Free Project, was sent to a lab to be tested for probably-carcinogenic glyphosate – the main ingredient in Monsanto’s best-selling Round Up.

The results were quite shocking:

“A glyphosate residue test was conducted by an accredited lab using the Specific LC/MS/MS testing method with a minimum detectable level of 0.02 ppm. The test documented the presence of glyphosate in the box of Kashi GoLean Original which was not verified by the Non-GMO Project, at a level of 0.68 ppm, or 0.68 mg/kg. This level is nearly 6 times higher than the levels detected in the independent testing we commissioned on Froot Loops.

The test also documented the presence of AMPA (aminomethylphosphonic acid), a metabolite of glyphosate, at an even higher level of 0.81ppm or 0.81mg/kg. This is the first time the lab has documented the presence of AMPA in the products we’ve had tested. The test results give significant reason for concern. There is a growing body of scientific evidence (4) that links glyphosate to health and environmental harm.”

PLEASE NOTE: The box of Kashi GoLean Original we tested was NOT verified by the Non-GMO Project. While this product has been subsequently verified by the Non-GMO Project, there are still boxes which have not been verified on store shelves. In addition, we release the results of these tests because there are still other unverified products in the Kashi line that likely contain similar ingredients.

While some might think of Kashi as a healthful choice, it looks like it’s time to ban yet another product made by Big Food. Kellogg’s track record isn’t looking so good.

The following is their public stance on GMOs, reprinted from a PDF the company has published:

“Kellogg Company GMO Position Statement

We understand consumers have questions and strong preferences about the foods they eat. Many influential regulatory agencies and organizations worldwide that study the safety of the food supply have confirmed that genetically modified (GM) ingredients are safe.

This approach adds desirable traits from nature, without introducing anything unnatural or using chemicals, so that food is more plentiful. GM ingredients have been around for the past 20 years, are represented in the vast majority of the foods on grocery shelves in the U.S. and many other countries, and help keep food costs down.

They also help feed the hungry and malnourished in developing nations. In some markets around the world, we do not use GM ingredients based on input from our consumers and local availability. For U.S. consumers who prefer an alternative, our Kashi brand offers a variety of Non-GMO Project Verified options.

Kellogg also supports proposed U.S. legislation to establish a federal standard for companies that want to voluntarily label their foods for the absence or presence of GMO food ingredients. We continue to actively monitor the science, regulations and our consumers’ preferences on this topic.

For more information on GM ingredients, visit For information about the proposed U.S. legislation, visit”

Article written by Christina Sarich
This article originally appeared at Natural Society.

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