There are 7 signs of a crisis in America and 5 of them have already happened.

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300x250-marinesThe coming crisis is sweeping our nation right now, it may already be in your town.

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concealed carry

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If you eat healthy and balanced meals each and every day, you will get all of the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs to function. Even though we all have different dietary needs, we all need vitamins in order to live healthy lives and prevent diseases. Vitamins have been around for hundreds of years, providing us with a way to live our lives in a healthy manner.

Although there are many different vitamins out there, you’ll need a certain amount of each one to keep your body healthy. There are many different classifications of vitamins, including A, B, C, and E. These vitamins are extremely important, with each one serving a unique purpose for both your body and your health.

When it comes to the type of vitamins, B vitamins are the most diverse. This is a very important vitamin, one that was discovered by mixing several chemicals together. With the B vitamin being so diverse, scientists understand the complex well enough to isolate the vitamin into eight different variations of the B vitamin family. These variations include B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12.

As with other vitamin classes, a deficiency in the B vitamin can result in several different conditions such as weight loss, weakness, stress, diarrhea, dementia, anemia, and other things. A deficiency in B vitamins isn’t good for anyone, as the entire family contributes to your body. If you have a deficiency of any of the variation of this vitamin, you should always do something about it just as fast as you can.

As a whole, the B vitamin family will work to give you healthier skin, a faster metabolism, and an overall better immune system. They can also help you to fight back against depression and stress as well, which is something we could all use. No matter how you look at it, this family of vitamins could greatly improve life as you know it. Although other vitamins are essential to your diet as well, the B family is among the most important. All of these vitamins should be included in your daily diet, as they greatly improve your body and your health.

Even though you may be on a healthy diet, you may not be getting what you need of the B vitamin family. If this happens to be the case, you should look into vitamin supplements that will give you the doses of the B vitamins you need. Although you may not realize it, going without B vitamins can be very bad on your body and your health. If you make the smart choice and get yourself some B vitamin supplements – you’ll know that you are getting exactly what you need to live a healthy life.

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During a disaster, not being able to reach those you care about can be stressful, worrisome and in many cases, even dangerous – because you may have to risk going and finding them.

You should know before a disaster how you’ll be able to communicate with the people you need to get in touch with. Not only will this relieve your stress, but it’s a safety measure, too.

In the event where cell phones aren’t an option and there’s a problem getting in touch with one another, you need to make sure you have a backup plan. You can use a landline phone if these are still working.

communicationsYou can also use walkie-talkies. You need to have a pre-arranged family meeting spot where you can gather or where you can leave each other messages. You can hope it doesn’t happen, but you should always be prepared for family members to get separated.

So for that reason, you want to make sure your communications plan is spelled out and that a copy of this plan is in your bug out gear. This way, everyone knows what to do.

If there’s a major disaster, you’ll have trouble getting news and communicating with others if you aren’t prepared for such an event. In major disasters, one of the first things that usually goes is the electricity.

You can’t power up cell phones that need recharging when that happens unless you all have solar chargers, but that won’t help immediately if it’s dark outside. There are many solar devices that can be used to charge cell phones, radios and more.

You don’t want to miss the news – especially because there might be vital emergency information shared. So make sure that you have a hand crank radio. Many of these also work as a mini generator and can charge cell phones.

You’ll be able to get information from weather stations as well as television announcements on VHF. Communication can become vital and extremely dangerous if there’s a terrorist invasion.

You need a way to be able to reach others. You can use things like a Ham radio, a CB radio or satellite phones. Satellite phones use orbiting satellites to operate, rather than having to connect with cell phone towers.

They’re more reliable than cell phones in an emergency situation – plus, they also have Internet capability. If you’re in a group of your family members or friends, you need to be able to communicate silently with each other.

This will prevent you from accidentally being overheard by someone who might harm you. For his reason, it’s a good idea to either develop a form of silent communication or to learn sign language.

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Dick Proenneke had a dream, and he had the courage to do what it took to make that dream a reality. He vowed to live alone in the wilderness, to live his life in a land that wasn’t touched by man and was still pristine and pure. He wanted to roam through a wilderness where few humans passed through. He wanted to be at one with the world and content with his thoughts. He was ready to become a self sufficient craftsman that took only what was needed to build a log cabin on a site that was idyllic, to be alone in the wilderness.

Who is Dick Proenneke?

When Dick Proenneke retired when he was 50 years old in 1967, he decided to build a cabin on the shores of Twin Lake in the Alaskan wilderness. His first summer spent in Alaska, he went looking for the ideal site. Once found, he then cut the logs and peeled them for construction on his cabin. The next summer, he returned to finish creating the cabin where he would live for more than 30 years. His story can be found in the DVD or video, “Alone in the Wilderness.” Because Dick filmed his adventures, he was later able to make the film into a video so that everyone can share in his adventures of living alone in the wilderness.

For over thirty years he lived in the Alaskan Bush with just grizzlies and wolves as his neighbors. His only modes of transportation were his own two feet and his canoe. Dick kept a daily journal of his life at Twin Lakes, but he was also smart enough to capture it on film for the rest of the world to take inspiration from seeing.

Dick Proenneke also made two follow up films to “Alone in the Wilderness.” “Alaska Silence and Solitude” was filmed 20 years after his first film. He was visited by Bob Swerer and his son, where the scenery is still breathtaking and the wildlife roams in abundance. The final film of the series, “The Frozen North” is Dick’s own account of his life alone in the wilderness that he had the foresight to document on film.

A good friend of Dick’s created a book version of his journal that he kept during his Alaskan sojourn. It is called, “One Man’s Wilderness, An Alaskan Odyssey.” It contains Dick’s pictures and excerpts from his journal, and chronicles from when Dick arrived in Alaska on May 17th, 1968. It follows Dick through the process of building his log cabin with his own two hands and tells of his reflections living through a cold harsh winter, alone in the wilderness with just wildlife for companionship.

Find out more about this remarkable story by picking up any of the DVDs or videos and reading a copy of the book. You will not cease to be amazed at Dick Proenneke’s vision of living alone in the wilderness.

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It is essential that a person is aware of what constitutes a healthy vitamin intake with good food. The federal drug administration produces a recommended daily allowance for the majority of vitamins which it regards as a good vitamin intake. These figures vary according to a person’s age, sex and some other factors so that the vitamin intake for a young woman is going to be different to that of a man in his seventies.

Read more on Good Food Provides Healthy Vitamin Intake…

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In the areas where Ebola or Zika is the most active, there are several organizations keeping an eye on the virus, ready to report any big changes. The virus left its area of origin and has spread across the country.

Some cases made it out of the country to other countries. The news has dutifully tracked this. You also need to track the outbreaks. When the Zika or Ebola virus or pandemics like it hit an area, the masses need to know what’s going on.Read more on Tracking Outbreaks to Protect Your Family from Danger…

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Did you know there are 3 signs announcing a major crisis?

These 3 clear predictions have been noticed in more than 17 US states… and it`s just a matter of time until it eats up the whole country (and your town is among the first on the list!)

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wilderness survival

Many people think that surviving the outdoors has to do with survival skills alone, however they couldn’t be further from the truth. To be able to successfully survive the wilderness you also have to have a great deal of mental survival skills. For many people, when they find themselves in the wilderness, a ton of different emotions evolve, whether it is being scared, helpless, or even angry. The most important part about surviving the wilderness is being able to put those negative emotions away and keep a calm, cool, and steady head. Here are a few tips to live by mentally if you ever find yourself in the wilderness.

First and foremost you need to keep a positive attitude. As hard as it may be, for many people who escape to the wilderness and had their mind set that they would survive, they did just that.  You certainly aren’t going to have the will or the drive to push forward to find your way through your situation with a bad attitude or thinking that you will never survive. So remember to remain focused and to keep your mind in a positive attitude. Think to yourself and believe that you will be able to survive this event and you will find better results in your journey to survival.

You also need to keep in mind your willingness to do whatever it takes to survive the wilderness. This means eating bugs and insets that you never thought you would ever eat. When a person has the willingness to survive they will find themselves doing whatever they have to do to survive. Push yourself to go above and beyond to ensure that you survive this experience. Even if it means spooning your buddy to keep warm or eating nasty insects and bugs that you wouldn’t even wish on your worst enemy. Your main mind set needs to be that you will literally do anything to survive and with that type of attitude you will find a better outcome.

Another great way to set your mind right when escaping to the wilderness is to keep in mind inspirational thoughts. Think about all of the stories that you have heard where people have survived the wilderness, what they had to do. Keeping these happy thoughts in your mind will lead you to a better mind frame to continue surviving the wilderness.

You also need to think about your reasons to live and survive this experience. Sometimes these thoughts will push a person to have a positive attitude towards getting out of the predicament they are placed in. Think about the many people in your life that are important in your life, like your friends, spouse, parents, or children. This in its self should be inspiration to press forward and making it out of the situation you are in. It also gives a person the drive to move on and have it set it their head that they can overcome these obstacles and that you will do anything you need to do to make sure that you see these special people in your life after this ordeal is over.

It is very important that you have your mind prepared and in the right state of mind during any type of survival situation and can become the making and breaking of your survival in the wilderness. With the proper techniques and mindset you are sure to find yourself out of the wilderness and back into the comforts of your own home through these helpful mental survival tips.

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What you’re about to see was impossible just a few years ago.

But thanks to brilliant scientific minds the impossible is now possible.

And this new invention could easily help save your life.

See the Twin Engine fire starter by following this link.

(Twin Engine plasma arcs glowing bright purple)

What you see above are the two blazingly hot purple plasma arcs found in the blast head of a brand new survival tool.

This new survival tool is unlike any other survival tool in the world.

And that’s because it will start a raging fire in a matter of seconds without using a lick of fuel, without producing a single flame and without making any smoke.

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This teeny-tiny fire starter will replace expensive disposable lighters, worthless matches, and annoying strike sticks forever.

Currently these lighters are crazy expensive.

Once you see the following features you’ll understand why.

  • Uses no fuel: No butane, no zippo lighter fluid, nothing like that. It’s actually charged by USB and it’s a battery that gives it the lighting power.
  • Completely windproof and water-resistant: Drop it in a lake, use it in a tornado and it’s going to work without issues. This makes it perfect for survival!
  • Compact and lightweight: Shorter than most disposable lighters it’ll fit anywhere comfortable. It also only weighs a few ounces so it’s not going to weigh you down.
  • Incredibly safe: Because it uses no chemicals this lighter is actually safe for the environment and to use indoors.

However when you use this link right here you activate a special coupon that’ll save you 50% off the normal price.

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