Celiac disease is something that can affect a person at any age. However, once you are affected, it is something that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. In this disease, the lining of your bowels are attacked by the antibodies that your immune system produces whenever you eat such foods as wheat, barley and rye that are found in gluten. If left unchecked, celiac disease can lead to bone disease, anemia and even cancer. Therefore it is really important for people who suffer with celiac disease to only eat gluten free food.

While it will take blood tests, an endoscopy and a biopsy to check if you have this disease it is very important to go through all of these things. However, you may know that you already have this disease before you receive the results of these tests. This is because the most common symptoms of celiac disease include poor appetite, inability to gain weight, irritability, swollen stomach, pale stools, vomiting and diarrhea in children. On the other hand, the most common symptoms in adults include constipation, abdominal bloating, weight loss and offensive diarrhea. Other minor symptoms in adults include depression, over-tiredness, mouth ulcers, skin rashes and bone pain.

Using Gluten Free Food To Treat Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is not a condition that can be cured. Rather, adhering to a strict gluten free food diet can reverse the effects caused by gluten to someone suffering from celiac disease. If you have this disorder, you really should consult with an expert dietitian for advice. They will be able to tell you if you need to supplement your diet with iron tablets, calcium and folic acid. These things are especially important whenever you are on a strict gluten free food because it is low in fiber.

What A Gluten Free Food Diet Consists Of

If you are on a gluten free food diet, then you will have to avoid foods such as bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, biscuits, cakes and pastries unless they are specifically labeled as being gluten free food. Of course, you may not expect this to also be true of such foods as soups, fried food, cooking oils, beers, alcohol, mayonnaise, mustard, soy sauce and malt vinegar but it is. You also need to be careful whenever you are eating oats as they may have been cross-contaminated by other grains and thus contain some gluten. The safest gluten free foods include fruit, vegetables, salads, rice, maize and nuts. Other things that are fine include chicken, red meats, fish, eggs and dairy products.

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