Survival through a natural or man-made disaster is something that a lot of people think about. The Ultimate Survival Skills Guide is your number one resource for learning how to cope in a survival situation and out of all the guides we’ve read, this one really has you covered. We’re going to take a look at what this guide covers and then you can decide if it’s worth the price tag of just $17.

Written by Craig Stringham-Superior Private Pilot and Pete Lawson-Decorated Military Veteran, the Ultimate Survival Skills Guide covers everything from starting fires and finding water to food, weapons and ammunition. In serious survival situations, you never know when you might need to protect yourself so finding weapons and ammunition is an important part of human survival.

The guide itself is delivered in eBook format which means you can download it at any time of the day or night and it’s comprised of 262 pages of fact filled information that’ll make you a survival expert in no time. If you’ve been looking for a way to teach yourself some basic survival skills then the Ultimate Survival Skills Guide is the best way to do that.

One of the things you’ll also need to consider is becoming physically fit for survival as well as mentally fit and that’s one of the areas where the Ultimate Survival Skills Guide excels. You’ll learn exactly what you need to do to ensure that you have a physically fit body and mind – ready for anything in a survival situation – other guides fall down in this area.

The authors are extremely experienced and this helps because the tips and advice given in the guide are really good and if you are following the advice of a Military Veteran and a Private Pilot, you know that you are following advice from people who have experienced things like survival first hand.

Overall, the Ultimate Survival Skills Guide is a really good buy. At just $17 it’s priced well and offers you the chance to teach yourself survival skills that’ll mean you are ready to survive should there be a natural or manmade disaster in your country or perhaps a global event that may cause issues for you. With the Ultimate Survival Skills Guide you can be sure you are prepared and ready to face the world and survive any situation – you and your family could be safe!


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