GOFOODS Global Products were developed to make your life easier and more secure. Choose from dozens of quick preparation meals and their new amazing stick pack beverages. It is the Nutriversal Seal of Approval that guarantees they have met the most stringent guidelines and high quality standards in the food services industry.

GoFoods is your solution for your busy lifestyle and/or food storage concerns. The low-heat dehydration process used by GoFoods, locks in nutritional value and great flavor – to be enjoyed today or many years later.


GoFoods Global Storable Food Products — 2 Comments

  1. Yesterday I prepared your package of Pasta Fagioli Soup. It was dated best if used by: May 14, 2027. Under the bar code was 70114.

    It was the worst soup I’ve ever had!!! I ended up just putting it down the garbage disposal. Thought you should know.

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