September is National Preparedness Month

National Preparedness Month has been observed each September in the United States since 2004. Sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Preparedness Month encourages Americans to take steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses, schools, and … Continue reading →

Emergency Preparedness Training for All and the Disabled

An emergency, particularly natural calamities and life-threatening accidents can leave normal and able people helpless. But, what about folks that are bound to a wheelchair or aging and something like a hurricane Katrina start blasting your home? Emergencies are like … Continue reading →

FEMA Prepares for Food Shortage in America

You’re heard it before… “it can’t happen here.” Well folks, I believe it can happen here. In fact, I believe the Collapse of America has Already Begun. A Possible Food Shortage Right Here in the USA. FEMA is secretly stockpiling … Continue reading →

Bulk Dehydrated Food

It is interesting to note that dehydrated food is finding many uses in homes these days aside from its traditional value as survival food, camping food, and food found in shelters. Dehydrated foods are also used by astronauts and soldiers. … Continue reading →