Important Non-Meat Sources Of Protein For Vegetarians

Although most vegetarians consume a considerable amount of protein, they often do not absorb as much as they would on a nonvegetarian diet. This is because plant proteins are considerably less digestible than animal proteins, which contain amino acid chains … Continue reading →

A Comparison of GoFoods Au Gratin Potatoes and Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatoes

These Au Gratin Potatoes are nothing but pure cheesy deliciousness! They make a special side dish for both a weekend dinner or holiday meal. GoFoods Au Gratin Potatoes Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatoes Wholesale Price: $8.95 Serving Size: 3.1 oz … Continue reading →

Why People Become Vegetarians

FM74C8R25H2J Many nonvegetarians wonder what drives vegetarians to give up meat and adopt an entirely different lifestyle. There is no single answer to this question. Nonvegetarians become vegetarians for a number of different reasons – some even for multiple reasons. … Continue reading →

Vegetarian Statistics

Many nonvegetarians and some vegetarians alike question whether being a vegetarian really makes any difference at all. Some bring up blurry ethical situations to make it impossible to see a vegetarian lifestyle as ethical. If you are a prospective vegetarian … Continue reading →

Why Some Vegetarians Will Not Consume Sugar

Some vegetarians–usually strict vegans–will not consume sugar. This is because sugar is often whitened with bone char from cows. If you are a vegetarian and you want to continue eating products that contain sugar, but do not want to cause … Continue reading →

Is A Vegetarian Diet Safe For My Child?

If you are vegetarian parent, you have probably considered putting your child on a vegetarian diet. Not only would it save time and make meal-planning easier, but for dietary and ethical reasons, you believe it is a better choice for … Continue reading →

The Difference Between Vegan & Vegetarian

If you recently started reading about vegetarian diets, you have probably read all sorts of strange vegetarian terms and categories like “vegan,” “ovo-lacto vegetarian,” and “semi-vegetarian.” You probably wondered what the big deal was. Afterall, what is so conceptually tough … Continue reading →

Organic Vegetarian Health Food: Eating Healthy Food

Despite what experts have to say about organic vegetarian health foods, many people are still not convince about the many organic food benefits for them to switch to organic foods. One of the most common arguments against organic vegetarian health … Continue reading →

Eating A Healthful Vegetarian Diet

Many people start vegetarian and vegan diets without devoting an adequate amount of time to nutritional research and meal planning. As a result, a considerable amount of people who start vegetarian diets do not last for more than 1-2 months.Many … Continue reading →

Does It Really Matter If I Become A Vegetarian?

As a prospective vegetarian, you probably question whether or not it really matters if you stop eating meat. You might wonder how much of a difference one additional vegetarian can make. And while it might be true that one vegetarian … Continue reading →