Pack those Sunglasses in your BugOut Bag

man wearing sunglasses

In the midst of grabbing your bug out bag and hauling yourself off to safety, you’ll be glad that you packed well in advance.

Most people who prepare for a SHTF situation plan their bugging out route as well as alternative routes. They plan locations where it might be possible to camp and where they can get fresh water.

But what a lot of people fail to plan for is the safety of their eyes. You might think of sunglasses as something that just protects your eyes from the sun’s rays during a bright summer day. While that’s true, having a pair of sunglasses can save your life in the middle of a SHTF situation.

When you’re out in nature’s environment and you’re putting into practice everything that you learned about surviving things are going to be pretty hectic. Maybe even nerve-wracking. You won’t know who you can or can’t trust. If you see someone coming toward you or an animal coming toward you and you know they mean to harm you or your family, you don’t have a problem taking care of business.

But what if you can’t see them clearly? What happens when the sun’s glare is messing with your vision. Odds are that you might still be able to protect yourself – but then again, you might not.

Having a pair of sunglasses that are meant for outside use can help you be the victor when the sun’s glare makes it hard to see threats.

Duduma Polarized Designer Fashion Sports SunglassesYou can’t just get any old pair of sunglasses. You have to get polarized shades. These kinds of sunglasses work better than regular ones. They cut the sun’s glare way down so that it’s not blinding you when those rays are reflected off things.

Get a pair like the Duduma Polarized Designer Fashion Sports Sunglasses or the Joopin Semi Rimless Polarized Sunglasses.

Being able to see other people or animals isn’t the only reason why you need a pair of polarized sunglasses. There are plenty of activities that you’ll be doing where you’ll need the glare cut out.

When you’re at the water and you’re fishing trying to catch fish for food, the glare that comes off the water can make it almost impossible to see. Then when you’re coming away from the water, you can end up with light sensitivity, which can take a few seconds for your vision to be able to clear back up.

In a SHTF aftermath, you might have a few seconds to protect yourself or your bug out site.

The last thing that you need going on during the chaos is to have your visibility reduced or to get eye strain caused by the sun’s glare – especially not when the solution is such a simple one.