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Emergency Survival Food

Are You Prepared to Feed Your Family in a Disaster?

There are many reasons you should have some survival food.  Things going on in our country right now that could lead to soaring food prices and food shortages within the next few years. We are yet to see the complete effects of SARS-CoV-2.

A little disaster preparedness right now might just mean your survival in any such crisis. 

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The fact that our country is now monetizing our debt should bring grave concern to all of us. survivalWhat that means is, the Federal Reserve is printing money out of thin air to pay our national debt. This causes continued de-valuation of the dollar and could and should cause hyperinflation. We would then start seeing grocery costs going through the roof!

While we can be hopeful for the best, we need to be prudent and start preparing ourselves for the worst.

Survival Food

Here at, we are focused on the task of “saving families one meal at a time.”

While survival food is an important part of being prepared, I also believe it’s important to be prepared in other important ways as well. 

Smart preppers understand that survival food can become more important than gold or silver… and is great for bartering!  We also NEED water, shelter, sleep, and oxygen. And, to that I would add currency to be used in trade, and personal protection from predators and the new world order that wants to control and dominate us .

Folks, despite Trump’s best efforts, our economy is in the tank, our power grid is at risk of being hacked, and our nation’s food chain is being stretched to capacity. Failure of any one of these items can instantly send us spiraling back into the dark ages.

Emergency Preparedness

I believe it’s wise to practice emergency preparedness and to prepare your survival gear for unexpected hardships:

  • Unemployment
  • Poor Economic Times
  • Shift in Politics
  • Natural Disasters
  • Lack of Independence
  • Debt

Nobody can predict the future, but if history teaches anything, you can see trouble on the horizon.  Around the world, and especially in the Middle East, we are seeing unrest fueled by high food costs, food shortages, and the lack of freedom for people to choose a better life for themselves. We are also seeing that unrest spread throughout Europe and beginning to see unrest spreading across America.  I believe it will continue to get worse in the coming months, despite the election of Donald Trump, and we all should be getting prepared to protect ourselves.

I’m not just a survivalist prepper.  I am a Bible believing Christian, and I believe it’s my calling to wake you up to be prepared and better understand what is really going on in our country and around the world with our food supply.

Believe me, having nutritious, long-lasting food reserves provides YOU a SAFETY NET.

Tens of thousands of families all over America have been enjoying these amazing and convenient meals.

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Most of the food you find on the grocery store shelves are filled with GMO (genetically modified organisms) and a host of other chemicals. The real nutrition of the food has been processed out and destroyed, leaving us with mostly empty calories. That is a big reason for the epidemic of obesity around the world. Our bodies crave nutrition and since there is little in our food, we eat more and more trying to fill that need.

11 Secret Questions Food Storage Companies Don’t Want You To Ask

Our lives are dependent upon having quality food to eat.

Are you confident in your ability to survive for a week…, a month…, or even longer in a world free of any modern convenience?

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