Survivor or Castaway: Your Island Survival Guide

abandon shipIf you are stuck on an island, you definitely have two choices to make, whether you will stay cast away or be a survivor. You will most likely choose the second option. But definitely your top concern when stuck in an island is to survive. So, in order to prepare for the worst case scenario, here is your island survival guide.

There are basically two reasons why people can get stranded in an island. First is through air plane crash and the second is ship wreck. Either way, you should to know how to stave alive in the island where there is little safe water to drink, no cellular phone signal, no proper shelter, no medicine, no anything. The island will seem to be nothing but a piece of land in the midst of oceans; fortunately, you can make do with anything that is in the island as long as you know this island survival guide. The first thing you need to is to stay away from the wreck and get to the island as quick as possible.

Panicking will not do you good, so be focused. Grab anything that you think you can use like clothing, blankets, tools, plastics, but bring only something that your lifeboats or your body can allow. Once you get to the island, build a shelter for you and your companion to stay under. As part of this island survival guide, shelter is basically the most important thing next to food. You can make a thatched shelter out of leaves from palm trees. Or you may also use some parts from the wreck as make shift roof. While you and your companions are exhausted, you may find temporary refuge under the trees.

The next thing you will need by now is to find water source. This island survival guide will focus on the important of water since it is essential to the survival of humans. It is said that humans can live for three days without food, but they can’t without water. But where will you find water?

You can find water in shelters and natural dips. Also, a good indication of the presence of water is the mildews on huge leaves. The river is also a good source of water, although the risks of getting stomach aches are high. But it is better though to live with temporary gastroenteritis than die of thirst. Just remember this island survival guide, that water is essential to human life, you can go on without food for weeks, but not without water.