UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

Though the UTG 547 is described as a law enforcement tactical vest it could be used by a wide range of other people or for other uses. Use it for convenience at your shooting range, hunting, a bug out vest, for short hikes or for paintball or airsoft use. I am sure there are plenty of other uses that I haven’t thought of as well.

When the vest arrives it will smell a little of the usual plastic/fabric sort of scent you would expect. It also feels a little stiff at first but this will go away. You will want to adjust it to fit your build and height. Play around with it until it feels comfortable. Giving it a heavy wash should reduce some of the stiffness and smell.

It should fit most sizes, I am about average in height but reading some of the reviews on Amazon I have seen from ‘I have a tiny frame, but with a few adjustments the vest fits me rather pretty well’ to I am 6’3″ 245 lbs and the vest adjusts fine for me. So it should fit most users.

The actual vest is made of breathable material and has enough pouches to hold all the essential items that you need to get to fast on the exterior of the vest as well as two roomy zipped internal pockets for storing documents or valuables.

Comes in Black, Army Digital, Woodland Digital or Green.

The Vest features:

  • tactical vestSeparate holster and a double magazine holder – The holster should take pistols of most sizes and holds the pistol in place nicely.
  • Four rifle magazine pouches – 3 on the right 1 on the left,
  • Three pistol magazine pouches – could also be used for Maglite storage
  • Large ID Pouch with removable Shot Gun Shell Holder – I did notice that one of the reviewers mentioned that 12 gauge shells don’t fit this holder.
  • Radio Pouch – depending on the size of the radio you are using it might be a bit of a tight fit.
  • Back Mesh Pocket that can also be used as a hydration bladder compartment
  • Sniper Shoulder Guard – thick non slip shoulder pad to reduce rifle recoil.
  • D-rings – situated on the top of each shoulder and a rescue drag handle situated on the back.
  • Back Loop System – For storage of additional and less necessary items on your back.
  • 2 Internal document/map/valuables pockets


For the price this tactical vest is worth the money some reviewers commented that it rivals competitor brand such as Blackhawk. Though it was also mentioned that the vest is made in China so quality control might not always be up to scratch. The majority of users agreed it was well made though there were some minor issues, for instance one guy found tons of loose threads that he burnt off the vest.

All in all it depends on your budget and what you are going to be using it for. I’d say if you are going to be wearing a tactical vest in life and death situations you want one that is not going to let you down in that scenario. For everyday trips to the range, hunting , paintball or airsoft this will be perfectly adequate in my opinion.