Why You May Need a Lockpick

lockOne of the less common bug out bag items people think to pack is a lock picking set. If you’re not familiar with the concept, lock picking is the use of a certain set of tools to unlock doors, padlocks, and anything else that uses a key.

It might seem like something a criminal would find more use in, but there’s nothing wrong with owning a set and knowing how to use it. Even in a regular, non-bug out situation, you can use them if you get locked out of your house or lose your keys.

The kits are compact, but using them requires a lot of practice. Obviously, you’ll need the picks themselves first.

The NS Multi-tool kit contains all of the tools you’ll need to get started. This includes everything from picks and rakes to tension wrenches. All of the tools are neatly organized in the compact carry case for easy storage in your bug out bag. Because practice makes perfect, this kit comes with a transparent practice lock so you can get a feel for how locks work.

However, the Kuject Practice Lock set is worth getting as well, because it contains three different practice locks, all in different lock types so that you can practice on any type of lock. It comes with a disc detainer lock, padlock, and dimple lock, which are the three most common lock types out there.

There’s also a highly recommended book called the Visual Guide to Lock Picking available by Mark McCloud and Gonzalez de Santos.

In the highly detailed images, you’ll find out how to unlock any lock, no matter how skilled or how familiar you are with lock picking. The authors provide clear, concise instructions on unlocking a wide range of locks that you’ll come across in your bug out survival.

Lock picking is a skill that would come in very handy during a bug out situation, especially a severe one. If everyone is abandoning buildings and homes, you can use your lock picking skills to get into a cabinet in a house to find food, or use that house as a temporary shelter.

You can pick into abandoned cars on the side of the road for any tools that might be in the trunk. Lock picking is a skill most useful for people surviving in urban or suburban areas. Those in rural areas with wider spread populations may find that it’s harder to find houses and other abandoned structures to pick into.