Welcome to my GoFoods Global informational web site where I will share with you my thoughts on the global food crisis and how GoFoods Global food reserves can help protect you and your family from a food shortage. I will also share with you some financial freedom secrets I’ve learned and tips for earning extra money working from home.

My name is Vic Bilson, located in Wichita Kansas and I would be honored to be your GoFoods Global sponsor.

I have been blessed to work from the comfort of my home for over eleven years and have enjoyed the freedom that comes with a home based Internet business.

If you’re truly serious about earning money as an IBO with GoFoods Global, I encourage you to contact me ASAP and let me show you how to get started. If you’re only looking for that next get-rich-quick scheme or are not willing to do the work necessary to succeed, don’t bother me… I can’t help you.

GoFoods Global Enrollment Options

By purchasing one of three Starter Packs at $100, $200, and $500 levels, in addition to what you would receive from the basic enrollment option, you will be eligible to earn immediate income from generated Fast Start Bonuses. Which Starter Pack you choose will determine what percentage of Fast Start Bonus you will earn. Each one will correlate with “Club Benefits” – with Clubs named 100, 200 and 500 Clubs.

  • Option 1: $100 Starter Pack ($100 USD) + GOFoods Starter Kit ($29.95)
    This kit provides you with a basic variety of our delicious food products and several samples of our delightful stick pack products as well. This fundamental package is good for the new Independent Business Owner that wants to ease into the wonderful world of GOFoods Global.
  • Option 2: $200 Starter Pack ($200 USD) + GOFoods Starter Kit ($29.95)
    The Fast Start 200 offers an expanded variety of our appetizing food products in addition to several samples of our beverage/energy products. This pack is ideal for the new Independent Business Owner who is serious about supplementing their household income through building a stable business and to start generating some residual revenue.
  • Option 3: $500 Starter Pack ($500 USD) + GOFoods Starter Kit ($29.95)
    This ultimate pack provides you with the full array of our food and beverage products. The Fast Start 500 is for the serious Independent Business Owner who wants to jump-start their GOFoods business.
  • Option 4: GOFoods Starter Kit Only ($29.95)
    This is a great entry level for a first-time business builder interested in retailing products and starting their business. The GoFoods Start Kit includes:

    • Getting Started Guide
    • Welcome Letter
    • A personal website (PURL)
    • A back-office
    • An online shopping cart
    • GO Tools Brochure
    • GO Opportunity Brochure
    • GO Compensation Guide
    • GO Products Catalog
    • Leadership Training Success Strategies Guide Book
    • Leadership Training DVD
  • Option 5: Retail Customer (FREE)
    For those who would like to purchase GoFoods as a retail cutomer.

Make sure you if you join GoFoods Global that you have an enroller, introducer or sponsor that is able, willing, and available to help you every step of the way.

Want More Information?

Fill in the form in the right hand column for more details about GoFoods Global, or if you have specific questions, please contact me via email below and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you may have.

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Here’s my phone number if you prefer to give me a phone call. I am in Central Time Zone so please adjust accordingly.

Vic Bilson