If you ask people if they would like to survive in a disaster situation, every one of them would tell you yes, obviously. But if you ask them how many of them are actually prepared, you’d see maybe only a third of them (and that’s being generous) would say they were.

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tentAre you interested in getting outdoors more often? Whether you plan on camping for only a few days or you’d rather plan something a bit lengthier, knowing the basics of camping survival is a must for anyone planning a trip in the wild. Here are a few things to consider bringing with you when planning a camping trip.

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The current concept of urban survival draws much from images of post-disaster and apocalyptic scenarios where civil order is gone and food, water, healthy air are not available. Perhaps the most extreme picture of such a situation would be the one depicted in Mad Max movies where it is clear the survivors have to contend with a life that no longer includes the rule of law as we know it and amenities such as running water and electricity are all a thing of the past.

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What is an ultimate survival bracelet? It is a tool that is made from pieces of ropes that are tied, looped and strapped together to become a life saving bracelet. This bracelet can transform into a useful tool when needed. Examples include being utilized as replacement for a broken shoelace, tourniquet, tying splints, lashings, or even used as a fishing line for survival.

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Ever see the FBI and CIA guys on TV pick a lock in seconds? Think it’s bullsh*t? Think again. It’s real… but you had to go to CIA school to learn the trick until now.

Can you guess what tool they use to pick locks so fast?

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Jason Hanson, the CIA Spy Escape expert on TV’s Shark Tank is sharing this normally classified information for a short time, along with…

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There are a lot of people who don’t really think about being prepared for a SHTF situation. They don’t think about what they should do to get ready for one because they never think it will happen to them.

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After food and water, hygiene products are the next items that disappear from shelves when a pandemic strikes. So your odds of getting what you have to have during a time when needs are elevated is slim.

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Being prepared for disaster is a wise thing to do. When you’re prepared, you can survive both short and long term situations that disrupt a normal day-to-day living.

Many people understand the importance of being prepared. Some of these people will go it alone. Others will join together and either form a prepper community or they’ll get involved with one that’s already established.

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When a crisis hits such as a pandemic break out, it’s important that you have protective gear on hand. Once the emergency actually happens, it will be very difficult to get what you actually need – so it’s crucial that you’re prepared ahead of time.

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Accidents, natural disasters, and other emergency situations are realistic disasters that people face every single day. During such incidences, no one is exempted, even children. These young ones are included in the thousands of reports all over the world regarding the devastating outcomes of calamities where there are children missing, badly injured or even found dead. Early in a child’s life, it is important to teach them basic survival skills because you’ll never know what life has in store for them.

Basically, children have different cognitive responses to understand how important survival means compared to adults. According to some survival experts, children have difficultly absorbing the topic of ultimate survival, but with the aid of role playing methods that include basic survival drills; children can process and retain how important survival is. This is applicable for disasters whether man-made or natural ones. When it comes to role playing, make it simple and interactive so that children are able to participate and get fun out of the exercise.

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