During a disaster, not being able to reach those you care about can be stressful, worrisome and in many cases, even dangerous – because you may have to risk going and finding them.

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Dick Proenneke had a dream, and he had the courage to do what it took to make that dream a reality. He vowed to live alone in the wilderness, to live his life in a land that wasn’t touched by man and was still pristine and pure. He wanted to roam through a wilderness where few humans passed through. He wanted to be at one with the world and content with his thoughts. He was ready to become a self sufficient craftsman that took only what was needed to build a log cabin on a site that was idyllic, to be alone in the wilderness.

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Did you know there are 3 signs announcing a major crisis?

These 3 clear predictions have been noticed in more than 17 US states… and it`s just a matter of time until it eats up the whole country (and your town is among the first on the list!)

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wilderness survival

Many people think that surviving the outdoors has to do with survival skills alone, however they couldn’t be further from the truth. To be able to successfully survive the wilderness you also have to have a great deal of mental survival skills. For many people, when they find themselves in the wilderness, a ton of different emotions evolve, whether it is being scared, helpless, or even angry. The most important part about surviving the wilderness is being able to put those negative emotions away and keep a calm, cool, and steady head. Here are a few tips to live by mentally if you ever find yourself in the wilderness.

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What you’re about to see was impossible just a few years ago.

But thanks to brilliant scientific minds the impossible is now possible.

And this new invention could easily help save your life.

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People wear seat belts when they get into their cars – they don’t expect to have an accident, but they’re prepared just in case.

It’s only safe, right?

So what happens when the seat belt that’s supposed to ensure survival becomes a snare? What if the power windows can’t open and the doors are jammed shut? What happens when your vehicle becomes a prison that doesn’t offer any escape?

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Your family is in imminent danger and you don’t even know it…

Watch the leaked report for the life-saving details

The government is arming up for a massive war scheduled to take place on US soil.

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Tact Bivvy

This story is pretty crazy.

In the mid 60s NASA was hard at work coming up with new technologies for the space program.

One of the most impressive technologies they perfected was used to protect sensitive equipment from the extreme cold of outer space.

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I think it’s incredible when smart people create impressive survival tools.

And the brand new Mini Pocket Stove, custom-designed by one of the largest survival companies in the world, is one of those “miracle-tools.”

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Wilderness courses are rapidly becoming a popular way to learn more about different survival tactics. Whether you’re pursuing an outdoor activity or you just want to commune with nature, wilderness courses are the perfect solution for you. Here are a few ways a course such as this can benefit you.

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