The REAL Reason Why DHS Warned Large-Scale Attack Is Imminent

The Pentagon just went public with a chilling announcement: According to recent interceptions America is facing extermination Within the next 6 months or less! America’s stealth enemy has already advanced to stage 2 And it’s getting close to give America … Continue reading →

Survivor or Castaway: Your Island Survival Guide

If you are stuck in an island, you definitely have two choices to make, whether you will stay cast away or be a survivor. You will most likely choose the second option. But definitely your top concern when stuck in … Continue reading →

Must Watch Ultimate Survival Shows

survival tv

Television shows’ wide range of variety has led to the growth of the entertainment industry to highlight different special skills under tough conditions. One of the highly watched shows among men is one related to surviving in different scenarios. According … Continue reading →

Learning the Benefits of Ultimate Survival Online

Are you interested to learn about survival techniques during disaster, emergency and such? In the past centuries, people learn how to survive through their experience. However, the World Wide Web or simply the “ultimate survival online” offers a pool of … Continue reading →