Solar power

Are you ready to finally set yourself free from the grid? Solar power energy can handle most, if not all, of the same electric wattage tasks that regular electric energy does. When you’re ready to take a shower or a soothing bath and want warm water to relax in, the power of solar energy is the source that can make sure your hot water tank is ready to give you the temperature you want with your water.

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GoFoods Global

The government has a National Preparedness Month in which it strongly recommends that people be ready to face any potential crisis. They urge people to be prepared in the event of any weather related disasters or terror strikes.

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With the way that energy costs are soaring nationwide, more people want to find a cheaper source of energy. You may be wondering, “What is a solar panel and how it can help me cut electricity costs for my home?”

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When you have the knowledge that you need, you can weather short-term and long-term disasters. But without knowing how to survive, you lessen your odds of making it through.

Survival guides share the knowledge that can help you to survive no matter what your location is – and knowing and preparing for the different ways to survive in any territory will provide you the skills you need.

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You’re going to need a way to have some electricity when there’s no way for you get any. Besides having solar panels in place, you should also have a generator. Not only are these good to have for when a pandemic hits, but they also come in handy during any time the power goes out.

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If you ask people if they would like to survive in a disaster situation, every one of them would tell you yes, obviously. But if you ask them how many of them are actually prepared, you’d see maybe only a third of them (and that’s being generous) would say they were.

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tentAre you interested in getting outdoors more often? Whether you plan on camping for only a few days or you’d rather plan something a bit lengthier, knowing the basics of camping survival is a must for anyone planning a trip in the wild. Here are a few things to consider bringing with you when planning a camping trip.

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The current concept of urban survival draws much from images of post-disaster and apocalyptic scenarios where civil order is gone and food, water, healthy air are not available. Perhaps the most extreme picture of such a situation would be the one depicted in Mad Max movies where it is clear the survivors have to contend with a life that no longer includes the rule of law as we know it and amenities such as running water and electricity are all a thing of the past.

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What is an ultimate survival bracelet? It is a tool that is made from pieces of ropes that are tied, looped and strapped together to become a life saving bracelet. This bracelet can transform into a useful tool when needed. Examples include being utilized as replacement for a broken shoelace, tourniquet, tying splints, lashings, or even used as a fishing line for survival.

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Ever see the FBI and CIA guys on TV pick a lock in seconds? Think it’s bullsh*t? Think again. It’s real… but you had to go to CIA school to learn the trick until now.

Can you guess what tool they use to pick locks so fast?

Click here to see the lock picking trick now.

Jason Hanson, the CIA Spy Escape expert on TV’s Shark Tank is sharing this normally classified information for a short time, along with…

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