Most people never plan for an emergency. It’s not that they don’t know that emergencies happen, it’s just that everyone lives such busy lives, taking the time to prepare before a crisis doesn’t always rate high on the to-do list.

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power grid

When it comes to electromagnetic pulse (EMP), many people connect it to a nuclear bomb going off. But this type of weapon doesn’t have to be linked to a nuclear bomb to be just as devastating.

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In any survival situation, whether you’re in a self-defense scuffle or lost in thick woods, the most important factor remains the same – your mental state. As long as your mind is sound, you will have a much easier time surviving whatever situation you’re in.

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food line

Human beings have a strong will to survive, but that will can easily get beaten down when faced with overwhelming situations. A situation is only overwhelming when there’s a lack of knowledge or skill. When you know what do to because you’ve already planned ahead of time, you can act on instinct rather than react in a panic.

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silver coins

The world is headed for a crisis because history has shown that SHTF situations have already happened and are continuing to happen. As these situations occur, society starts to break down in various areas and sometimes all at once, from electrical to housing to financial.

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survival knife

When it comes to survivalist gear, you don’t want to forget to include a knife in your kit. A survival knife can serve many important purposes. First, it can be used to help defend yourself or your loved ones. But it can also be used to help hunt in the event you need to for your food supply.

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Solar Flare

There have been catastrophic events for many years in history. Record breaking hurricanes have occurred. Massive flooding. Wildfires. Mudslides. We hear about these events so much that it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we’ve faced all of the dangers we’re going to face from natural events.

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There is a history of wars in every country. Only today, these wars are far more subtle but equally as deadly. These wars are being fought in the realm of terrorist attacks both near and far. As we’ve seen in recent months, ISIS is bringing its terror to America.

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You can often avoid a self-defense situation completely if you make the effort to be aware in everyday situations. By following these steps, you can prevent a crime before it even happens.

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If you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on in the world, it’s easy to see that there have been times of turmoil such as civil unrest, damaging floods, destructive hurricanes and tornadoes that level entire areas.

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