Easy Recipes Can Add Spice To Survival Food

Many folks think their survival food recipes consist of instructions on how to use a can open and boil water. While heating canned soup or other type of prepared foods is the easy way to cook, eating canned foods for several days in a row can get old. Additionally, many times people will prefer a healthy meal, not always available from a can. There are many easy recipes available and many can be made by using only one stockpot or frying pan.

Not all your survival food has to be bland and unimaginative. Many of the easy recipes may taste like a lot of time went into them, when in reality it does not take long to throw many of the meals together. survival foodFor example, beef stew may not be something many people consider a survival food, but there are easy recipes that make it possible. Season the chunks of beef with garlic and onion and brown them in the bottom of the pot until brown. Then add vegetable soup, from a can, to the pot and allow to simmer until done. Baking potatoes in the fire can make this a complete meal.

No Need For Pizza Delivery

Using a metal bread holder made to make toast over an open fire, toast one side of a slice of bread, buttering it lightly before holding it over the fire. Once lightly browned, cover with spaghetti sauce and cheese, along with desired toppings for one of the easy recipes for making pizza without an oven.

Whatever chosen for meals, planning ahead of time can make meal preparation easy and will not require storing leftovers. Consider all foods to be cooked and divide everything into portions before leaving home. By having everything in the right quantity, cooking with easy recipes is easier and there will be no need to measure anything in the woods. Be conscious that not all foods can be cooked outdoors and that there are certain precautions that will need to be taken to insure the food is safe to eat.

When cooking in a stockpot, always use the lid as it will help the food cook faster as well as prevent bugs and other flying critters from becoming part of the stew or soup. Additionally, when bugging out with a group divide up the work making each person responsible for a part of the easy recipes to build closer ties as well as not to stick one person with all the cooking duties.