GPS Device

mapA little bit of technology can go a long way in a survival situation – especially when you’re in an unfamiliar area. A GPS device tracks your position via satellites, so you can be found just about anywhere.

This is greatly preferred to things like cellular and Bluetooth, because both of those require you to be in close proximity to civilization. With satellite, you can be in dense jungle and still maintain a signal.

Garmin GPSMAP 64The Garmin GPSMAP 64 has tons of features that can help you survive, and will last you through any emergency. The GPSMAP 64 is best at helping you get your bearings and give coordinates for help.

It has a precise antenna that will give your position accurately even in thick woods. If you can manage to get ahold of rescue teams, you won’t even need to signal for them if you can give them some quick coordinates.

They’ll be able to get a rescue team down to you as quick as possible. Usually, rescue teams have nothing more than a general area to check, and have to sweep over hundreds, even thousands of miles to find people.

By giving your exact GPS location, they’ll probably be able to be there that day. The GPSMAP also allows you to upload your own maps, so if you have a particular bug out location in mind, you can download satellite images of that area and the areas around it, so you’ll have an easier time navigating in the wild.

It even has maps of local trails that you can lead back to town or cities if you’re lost. You can also get topographic maps, which will let you find the path of least resistance in a rocky, hilly area.

In some places, you might encounter sudden drops or cliffs, and this can help you avoid them. You’ll also find some quality of life features in the GPSMAP 64, such as temperature sensors, your walking speed, heart rate monitors, and optionally, cameras.

There’s a digital compass built in as well, because The GPSMAP has a long battery life, and only takes two AA batteries. You can also use a rechargeable battery pack. The GPSMAP is easy to carry around, weighing only half a pound, or nine ounces, and being 4×6” large. You can also get clip on cases for it to attach it to your pant legs, making it much easier to carry around.