Rechargeable Hand Warmers 5200mAh USB Portable Power Bank by FourHeart

Keeping your hands warm during the winter can be a hard task. Gloves and mittens can only help so much, but sooner or later your fingers start to feel numb. This is not only frustrating, but also ruins the whole day.

While there are hand warmers out there on the market, they only last for a few hours and are one time use items. You can spend a fortune on hand warmers over the course of a winter, or you can have your hands suffer from numbness.

Or, there’s a third option. This Fourheart Rechargeable/Reusable Hand Warmer is reusable and rechargeable. They are small, compact, and warm up your hands beautifully. And to make matters even better, they can be used as a power bank as well. That means you can charge your phone, iPods, or anything else you need! It’s a dual use, and easily worth the cost.

Best Features

These hand warmers are mini, but they are large enough to warm up the palm of your hand. They are warm on both sides on the unit and have three temperatures to choose from. There is a 5200mAh capacity so it charges most smart phones and MP3 players. The material is a premium aluminum and ABS material with an eco friendly polymer battery. It’s built in and rechargeable. Also, this hand warmer comes with a two year warranty. If for any reason you don’t like it or it doesn’t work, they will offer you a refund. Their return policy is great, so you don’t need to worry about buying.

Here are the features:

  • Material: Aluminum alloy + ABS + Polymer Battery
  • Product Size:102mm x 58.8mm x 24mm
  • Color: Gold/Rose Gold/Silver/Blue/Black
  • Net Weight: 129.8g
  • Battery capacity: 5200mah
  • Charging time: 2-3.5 hours
  • Temperature: 107°F(42°C)/118°F(48°C)/131°F(55°C)

What’s Included

1 – Mini Hand Warmer
1 – Micro USB cable
1 – Instructions Manual
1 – Packing bag


These do stay fairly warm, and will last six and a half hours on the low setting. The highest setting still lasts 5 hours. These are perfect for hiking, skiing, or when you’re walking outside during the winter. They are much cheaper than buying the single use hand warmers over and over again. The charging time is also pretty quick as it takes just about an hour to charge when it is dead.


Some users said that the low setting was too low but the highest setting was too hot.

Final Verdict

If you are sick of spending money on single use hand warmers, then you’re in luck, This hand warmer works really well without having to do anything special. The charge time is minimal, and it lasts a few hours and keeps you warm.