Organic Gardening Pest Control Is Effective

One of the biggest mistakes that gardeners make is in assuming that all the insects that are in their garden are harmful and need to be gotten rid of.

As it happens, only a very small percentage of these insects, about 5% in all, can really hurt your garden and many help by carrying pollen from plant to plant and aiding fertilization.The majority of the insect you see crawling or buzzing around may not be beneficial but they are harmless. That does not mean that the few which are harmful can be ignored or wished away – you will have to get rid of them.

If you are an organic gardener half your battle against harmful insects is already won since you are promoting the natural way in which plants protect themselves. But that is still not enough and using chemical insecticides and pesticides means your garden is no longer organic.The answer lies in using organic gardening pest control – creating pest sprays from safe organic materials. These organic gardening pest control sprays are not only safe for use in organic gardens; they are much easier on your pocket than the chemicals you would otherwise buy.

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While learning how to make these sprays is easy, you first need to understand the basic types of organic gardening pest control methods.

Many insects are sensitive to smells and you can make an organic gardening pest control spray using strong-smelling things like onions, garlic, tobacco and many other natural substances. Similarly, many plants themselves give of odors (which humans cannot sense) which repel insects and sprays made from these plants are effective in driving away harmful bugs. Many insects are repelled or even killed off by soap. Natural vegetable based detergents and soaps can be used to make a mild spray which, because of the stickiness of the soap, will remain on the plants and provide long-term protection from insects. If the bugs need to be killed off, you could try a spray made of a mixture of vegetable and mineral oils which will form an oily coating on the bugs and suffocate them.If that does not work you can make an organic gardening pest control spray out of a mixture of hot chilies and neutral alcohol that, when it comes into contact will the insects, will burn them.

Any detailed resource on organic gardening will provide detailed information on how to make and use organic gardening pest control sprays and powders.

Be warned that over using these sprays can be counter productive. Firstly, just because they are organic that does not mean that they are not strong – use them in moderation in only the quantities that you need to repel or kill off the insects. Also keep in mind that some of the stronger organic gardening pest control sprays can, if used in sunlight, have a chemical reaction that could cause your plants to burn and these must be used only after sunset or when the garden is in the shade.