Small Game Hunting

Though it may not appeal to everyone as a recreational activity, hunting is an essential part of survival and everyone should know how to do it, and be prepared to if a bug out situation arises. It’s the most efficient means of securing food.

Due to certain laws and higher prices, not everyone can acquire a firearm for hunting. While a firearm is preferable, there are other ways to hunt that still work very well. As long as you know what small game and fish live around your area, you should be able to hunt rather well.

The first option would be an air gun. Air guns, while still dangerous and very capable of hunting, are not classified as firearms, because they use pressurized air instead of combustion. Therefore, in most areas, they don’t require any licenses to own and can be shipped to your front door. Air rifles are by no means toys to be played with – they can be lethal in some cases.

Gamo Silent Cat air rifle

The Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle from Gamo is a great option. The pellets fired from it can reach a maximum velocity of 1200 FPS. For reference, a .22LR bullet from a firearm will reach around 1260 FPS, and is one of the most common small game calibers.

The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat comes with a 4×32 air rifle scope with scope rings for mounting. 4×32 means that it provides 4x magnification and an objective lens diameter of 32 mm. This makes it perfect for picking small game off from tree branches or feeders from a distance, so they won’t be startled by you.

The Whisper Silent Cat fires .177 caliber pellets, also referred to as 4.5mm. This means that you may not be able to take down larger game such as deer with it, but anything from birds to rodents to small mammals will be manageable.

For some, hunting with an air rifle isn’t a comfortable experience, or maybe they live closer to water.

In this case, fishing is a more viable means of hunting. Sougayilang makes a wonderful telescopic fishing rod, which packs away nicely in a bag or your car. While a reel is not included, Sougayilang also makes a very nice reel for it that is very responsive and easy to use. When combined with the right bait for your area and a bit of patience, you should be able to catch any fish in your area up to around 25-30 lbs.