Tools for Clearing an Area

Whether you’re in an emergency situation or just camping, it’s not always easy to find a nice area to set up your shelter and basic living area. With a few compact and simple tools, you can easily clear out an area.

Depending on where you live, you’ll need different tools. The same tools that work for clearing ground in Oklahoma won’t necessarily work as well in Maine. In some areas, you’ll have to account for snow, whereas in others, you’ll have to account for dense, small brush.

pocket chainsawThe most universal clearing item would likely be a pocket chain saw. These are very compact and simple to use. Just like the chain on a regular chainsaw, it has durable teeth on one side that chew through wood very quickly. Sling one end around the back of a branch or small tree that you want to cut and grab both handles. Pull one side after the other rapidly until the saw has made its way through.

Make sure that the teeth are facing towards the wood, so that it actually cuts. This is useful for areas with lots of small bushes, trees, and branches. The excess wood can be used for firewood and kindling.

Next, a solid axe would work better in areas with thicker, denser trees. The Estwing E24A is a solid, well made axe that will hold its edge well. Instead of other hatchets that have a wooden grip and steel head, this axe is made of one solid piece of steel, making it much stronger and more durable, because the grip won’t weaken and break.

It comes with a strong nylon sheath so the edge doesn’t accidentally hurt you or damage anything you don’t want it to. The grip is made of leather and wraps around the steel body at the end, providing a comfortable, yet durable grip.

For the snowier areas, it’s worth investing in a good entrenching tool. Entrenching tools have been used for a very long time. Even Julius Caesar noted the use of these kinds of tools being rather effective.

The US Army has used them since about 1870. An entrenching tool is a compact shovel or spade that can be used as both a tool and a weapon with its sharp edge. This would be particularly useful in snowier areas where you’d have to clear out snow for your camp site. It could also be used for something more advanced, such as irrigation for growing plants.