Martial Arts Options for Hand to Hand Combat

Sometimes you’re caught off guard without being able to defend yourself with weapons, so you have to teach yourself how to fight with your bare hands. There are many different ways to go about learning hand to hand combat, and there are a few that are most desirable for self-defense.

One great resource is Udemy. Udemy is an online academy that, for a small price, will teach you anything and everything. Some lessons last as long as you want, and some expire. Udemy offers a course on military style hand-to-hand combat for only $20. It includes 24 lectures, 6 hours of video, lifetime access, and a certificate of completion. This course is designed to teach you how to take down opponents who would normally be the winner in a fight, military style.

martial artsGoing to a local martial arts training location can be beneficial as well. Some of the most effective martial arts styles for self-defense are Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and Muay Thai.

Krav Maga is the style used by the Israeli army, and is great for street fights. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was developed for those who didn’t have the muscular power to perform traditional Jiu-jitsu effectively, making it perfect for the average person.

Finally, there’s Muay Thai. Muay Thai has become very popular as a self-defense technique, and for good reason. It’s heavily associated with MMA and UFC fighters. It’s a form of kickboxing that has been adapted to make use of the elbows and knees as well, hence the Thai nickname, “Science of 8 Limbs.”

There are also many books that will teach you these fighting skills. They can be found on Amazon at a relatively cheap price, and can be a wealth of information. One great book is 100 Deadly Skills, by Clint Emerson. This book employs Navy SEAL tactics to fighting hand to hand, fighting armed opponents, and everything else. Clint Emerson is a retired SEAL who took to teaching others how to use the same strategies he used to fight overseas, and his book is available on Amazon.

Similarly, you can buy the USMC Martial Arts program on Amazon. This book teaches you how to use everything: knives, improvised weapons, and of course, your hands.

Martial arts should be trained with often if you intend to have to use them in a self-defense scenario. If not practiced regularly, your skills can quickly become rusty and cost you your life when the SHTF.