Berkey Light Water Filter

These Berkey water filters have become the standard of excellence by which all other water filtration systems are measured. They provide the freshest, cleanest water possible from the world’s most superior water filtration systems. The Berkey Light is the most … Continue reading →

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

life straw

It’s common knowledge that you can’t survive long without water. Usually, having a clean water supply isn’t a big deal. Most people have access to plenty of it and pretty much takes it for granted. Yet, it’s those times of … Continue reading →

Augason Farms Emergency Water Storage Supply Kit

Most people never plan for an emergency. It’s not that they don’t know that emergencies happen, it’s just that everyone lives such busy lives, taking the time to prepare before a crisis doesn’t always rate high on the to-do list. … Continue reading →

There is Poison in the Tap Water

Study Proves Fluoride Brain Damage A study conducted by scientists in India demonstrates that consumption of sodium fluoride results in brain and neurological damage. It was published by K. Pratap Reddy of the University College of Sciences at Osmania University … Continue reading →

Importance Of Getting Access To Clean Water

Clean drinking water is essential to humans and all other living things. By drinking clean water, the different organs of our body can function well and at all times. Water is the most important form of liquid that our body … Continue reading →