Choose Camping Cookware Based On Family’s Needs

cookwareWhenever people go camping and plan to do their own cooking, they will have to pack their own camping cookware, and the type they used will have to be made for the type of cooking they plan to do. Another variable in the type of camping cookware they carry will be how it will be transported. Lightweight aluminum or titanium cookware is recommended for hiking, but if traveling by camper or trailer, heavy-duty stainless steel is recommended for durability.

How much camping cookware that a family carries will depend on the size of the family as well as the type of cooking they plan to do on the road. A stockpot will definitely be needed to boil water as well as in which to cook soup and stew while a frying pan is used for many other type of cooking. A coffee pot or teakettle will also be high on the list of necessities for any family that appreciates hot beverages.

Durability is one point when choosing camping cookware as many of the less expensive types will not hold up under such fiery conditions. Especially, if the cooking is going to be done over an open fire the camping cookware will need to be heavy-duty, able to withstand the heat.

Important To Keep Cookware Clean

When cooking outside, it is important to remember to clean the camping cookware after each use. Since there probably will not be an automatic dishwasher there will need to optional methods of keeping it clean. Since using non-stick cookware in the wild is not feasible most camping cookware is made of durable steel or another type of metal. It also not feasible to carry different cleansers and if the pot or pan needs scoured, a little bit of sand and hot water can do the trick.

While scouring pads that include their own soap are convenient, after the first use you will probably want to discard them to prevent them from rusting in a plastic bag. Using a little bit of sand and a wet rag can clean the camping cookware can be clean and ready for the next meal.

If using most camping cookware for the first time, especially cast iron cookware, it should be properly seasoned. This is accomplished by using a light layer or cooking oil and heating the cookware until the oil burns off. Not in flames, but from the heat of the fire. Instructions on how to properly season camping cookware that requires it are usually included with the instructions with new pieces.