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With the way that the world is headed, it’s only a matter of time before you’re going to need to rely on only what you have on hand to provide food for yourself and those you love.

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Everyone at some point in their lives wonders what they would eat if they were trapped in the forest or stuck on a desert island. While you may not necessarily find yourself in these exact situations, having a supply of survival food on hand can’t hurt when it comes to staying prepared. Here are a few ways that survival food packages can benefit you.

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Food is Security
In a world where market conditions are unstable, cash reserves in all forms may devalue, but food remains invaluable. Food is unquestionably the life-sustaining currency of the future, and unlike anything else food reserves insulate you from outside influences.

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Once a crisis hits, you need to know what you’re going to have to do to survive. You must be prepared ahead of time. When you’re trying to make sure that everyone has food to eat, the last thing you want to have to do is to wonder where it’s going to come from.

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Food storage may seem like a crazy concept in this age of the 24 hour supermarket. Many of your friends, family, and others around you will call you crazy for your efforts of being prepared and will continue in their blind belief that “it can never happen here.”

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The government has a National Preparedness Month in which it strongly recommends that people be ready to face any potential crisis. They urge people to be prepared in the event of any weather related disasters or terror strikes.

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If you understand where our country is headed, you’ll appreciate why Steve Shenk has committed his company to the mission of creating and packaging the highest quality and best tasting food reserve products available.

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Listen to these powerful questions and answers by GOFoods Global Founder Steve Shenk.


What kind of nutrition do you need to survive?

Why should you store what you eat and eat what you store?

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As dehydrated foods are growing in popularity these days, more choices are also becoming available. Dehydrated foods like potato chips, cereals, pasta, noodles, grains and crackers are some examples which are commonly consumed in many households. Nourishment and survival during camping and backpacking, in the military when in the line of duty and in homes and shelters during calamities depend on dehydrated food. There is the need for the best dehydrated food to make sure that the survival and nourishment are accomplished.

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Dehydrated food supplies are always a part of the food storage supplies for people who are preparing for disasters and calamities. The need for dehydrated food to be lightweight and with long shelf life are also important considerations for those who love camping and backpacking.

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