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If you understand where our country is headed, you’ll appreciate why Steve Shenk has committed his company to the mission of creating and packaging the highest quality and best tasting food reserve products available.

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Listen to these powerful questions and answers by GOFoods Global Founder Steve Shenk.


What kind of nutrition do you need to survive?

Why should you store what you eat and eat what you store?

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Food storage may seem like a crazy concept in this age of the 24 hour supermarket. Many of your friends, family, and others around you will call you crazy for your efforts of being prepared and will continue in their blind belief that “it can never happen here.” But economic forces are converging in such a way that skyrocketing food prices no longer seem like a possibility, more and more they appear to be an impending certainty. Political forces around the world seen to point to some global catastrophe that will change the political landscape forever. While I could be wrong and the world might continue in its peaceful prosperity, there’s no harm in being prepared. If the Sh*t does hit the fan, don’t be the person holding up a sign looking for help, be the person with a life raft.

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As dehydrated foods are growing in popularity these days, more choices are also becoming available. Dehydrated foods like potato chips, cereals, pasta, noodles, grains and crackers are some examples which are commonly consumed in many households. Nourishment and survival during camping and backpacking, in the military when in the line of duty and in homes and shelters during calamities depend on dehydrated food. There is the need for the best dehydrated food to make sure that the survival and nourishment are accomplished.

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Dehydrated food supplies are always a part of the food storage supplies for people who are preparing for disasters and calamities. The need for dehydrated food to be lightweight and with long shelf life are also important considerations for those who love camping and backpacking.

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It is interesting to note that dehydrated food is finding many uses in homes these days aside from its traditional value as survival food, camping food, and food found in shelters. Dehydrated foods are also used by astronauts and soldiers. Purchasing bulk dehydrated food is a sensible idea considering its long shelf life.

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Sadly, most people in America are going about their lives as if there is no disaster awaiting them. Sure, they may complain about the lack of jobs… but they still live day-by-day as if in a dream.

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The most valuable food reserve package ever put together is now available at eFoods Global. Introducing the Elite Reserve Pack—the value and savings of this new pack is simply amazing.

eFoods Global Elite Pack

Save over $350 with this unprecedented offer at only $1749.95. With over 2,400 one-cup servings this pack is an excellent deal at only $.64 per serving ($.74 for Preferred Customers) and the deal gets even better. Receive 25% discount off the normal UPS Ground rate! Elite Reserve Pack includes: 198 Soups, 186 Entrees and 24 Baked Goods.

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Urban survival can take place at any time. During a recent earthquake, Japan was basically compelled into an urban disaster survival situation and had to get a way to get through hour by hour until help could turn up. We discovered even the speediest support could be hours and in many cases days away according to where you are located and how difficult it will be to reach your region.

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You cannot count on the government for protection.

More and more people are warning these days that you should be prepared for a disaster or emergency situation without expecting anything from the government.

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